love letters to san diego

i love vacationing in california. last year I finally visited San Diego with my mom.
it was her pick, and her treat. so for our annual mother/daughter trip, we took off on the super handy direct flight from YVR to SAN with AC.

here’s the view from my seat on the plane as we came into the city…


obviously as a food seeker, my first stop had to be for some mexican eats.
i am an absolute fiend for mexican food.  it’s hands down my favourite cuisine and i think the lack of decent mexican in vancouver is a huge factor in my love of traveling to california.

so here’s my first sampling upon hitting san diego… we immediately drove to la jolla, where we spent our first 3 nights.  i drank a lot of dos equis amber and ate a lot of chips & salsa.


…and look how happy that made me 🙂


la jolla was absolutely beautiful.
laid back, super chill, excellent mexican eats and lots of brew pubs… but the beaches, ah the beaches.  i’m a water baby & ocean lover.
la jolla was a happy place for me.



now, did i mention the brew pubs?
ya, la jolla haz them.  in abundance.
put me infront of a beer sampler and i’m a happy girl.  no question.


after 3 nights in la jolla, we made it down to san diego proper for another few nights.
and look!  more giant beers, margaritas & chips & salsa.  that’s right, it’s pretty much all i consumed for a week.


i especially like when the beer is as large as my face and takes 2 hands to hold.
thank you america!


and for an atheist, i certainly find religious artifacts entertaining.
so here’s a couple shots of some things i liked.



also, amazeballs about my trip to so-cal was that i had my very first pinkberry(!)
oh. my. god.  it was so freaking good.
now, i’m a lover of frozen yogurt anyways, but this is pretty much hands down the best i’ve ever had.
when the one in vancouver opened, i was so excited i may have peed a little (i didn’t, but you get the idea)
anyways, here’s a shot my original pinkberry with raspberries, blueberries & a waffle cookie.  no joke, i ate here 4 times in the 3 days i was staying downtown.


last, but certainly not least… i also got to cross in & out burger off my culinary to-do list.

this, like pinkberry, was a long time coming.  i love burgers.  a lot.
and the word from the people is that in&out makes thhge best fast food hamburger there is.  and so that meant my mom & i drove into the ghetto (okay, it wasn’t that bad, but it was a decent drive into the burbs) to eat one of these masterpieces.  my mom is also a burger connoisseur, so i did not have to do much convincing to make this happen.

and wow.  boy, did it ever deliver.
fresh and so.fucking.delicious.  and the fries were a delight too.
i ate it and was pretty much the most excited and happiest girl in the world at that moment.
pure bliss for under $3.  yup.  i regret nothing.