so, once again fate has intervened to totally screw me out of my vacation.
this time in the form of the hurricane.

so instead of jetting off to the beautiful mayan riveria tomorrow… i’m going to work.

so for those that know me, let’s do a recap.
in the past 2 years i…
– ended up in a cast in hawaii
– went to vegas & had an awesome flaw-free time
– couldn’t go on a free trip to jamaica because i threw my back out
– went to vegas & had an awesome flaw-free time
– got hurricane’d out for my trip to mexico

so basically the gods are telling me that i can only take trips to vegas.
and i know when to listen.  and a new trip to vegas for early january is in the works.

also in an awesome display of vacation conspiracy… my flight *to* hawaii for christmas was cancelled.
ya, that’s right.  westjet cancelled our flight.
thankfully we got ourselves on an air canada flight out the same day, but wow.  fun times.
i swear to the seven, if i don’t get to hawaii, i might kill a man.