drinks: the joy of coffee

i started this post yesterday, but now i find it rather fitting that i’m finishing it at 5am, clutching a cup of coffee like its my lifeline after an absolutely terrible sleep consisting of a whopping 2 hours of actual snoozing.
so yes, i appreciate coffee right now like its nobody’s business.


i love coffee.  i mean, who, over the age of about 25 doesn’t?
it’s delicious and comforting as only a warm beverage packed with caffeine can be.
it saves lives in the morning. mine and the lives of those around me. because without it, i may find myself in a murderous rage.

there is a marked difference between a good cup of coffee and a bad cup of coffee. and no, that difference usually has nothing to do with price.
it’s the beans & the brewing technique.

i’ll admit, while my favourite place to get a cup of coffee is from cafe artigiano, probably 95% of my coffees purchased come from a starbucks these days. starbucks makes a good, consistent cup of coffee. and if it sucks, they’ll make me a new one without much fuss.

my drink of choice is the americano.  it’s basically like a regular cup of coffee, but because it’s espresso & hot water instead of drip coffee, i can be guaranteed its freshness. and in the coffee world, fresh makes all the difference.
also, americanos are cheap. and so am i.

but every now and then i am happy to splurge on something exciting and different.  for example, if i see that a restaurant has vietnamese coffee on the menu, well, that’s what i’m getting.  because when coffee meets condensed milk, the magic happens.

in my house we have 3 coffee makers.  a regular drip, an espresso machine and a bodum. all 3 get regular use.
for flavour, the bodum just can’t be beat. and when a place serves me coffee in a bodum, it’s a simple thing that says to me that they care about the quality of the coffee they serve. premium beans would never be run through a drip maker. it’s just wrong. and a waste.
but with a bodum there’s no disguising what you’re getting. the beans have to be good or its just not drinkable.

anyways, to the point.  i’ve visited some places with good coffee. in jamaica the blue mountain coffee is world class. in hawaii there’s some fabulous coffee from kona and up and coming coffees from maui.
and if you’re a coffee lover, you know the peaberry coffee.

simply, the peaberry kona coffee is the champagne of coffee.  now, like champagne, you pay a premium price for it, but its oh-so worth it.

we came across a coffee shop that was serving it for $7 a cup. not bad, i’ve paid $10 a cup for it in vancouver, so me & my brother were in.
this gentleman was pleased to hear thats what we were after and brewed us up our own bodum of it.

after 4 minutes of perfect brewing, it was ready to drink.  no milk or sugar needed, it was perfect as is. – also the mark of a premium brew.

so, naturally, we had to buy some.  we debated back and forth over how much to buy… it was $40 a pound, but that was by far the lowest price we’d seen it for… but it was on a particularity big spending day for us, so i opted to just buy the 1/2 pound at $21.99

then, later on in the week we took home another $100 in coffee and tea from O’o Farms and our bounty was complete. the “mokka” from O’o is very comparable to a peaberry.  when you look at the beans, they are about half the size of the regular sized ones. it’s very interesting (should have probably taken a pic – sorry)

from Aina (O’o Farms) we took home the following beans:

YELLOW CATTURA : MEDIUM ROAST – Taste of honey, caramel, very full bodied, smooth, perfectly balanced with a sweet buttery finish. Pair with light, fruity desserts.

TYPICA : DARK ROAST – Refined acidity, perfectly balanced, a complex coffee with notes of cedar and walnut. It is a wonderful coffee with pastries. Same varietal found in Kona coffee farms.

MOKKA : DARK ROAST – This rare heirloom coffee presents big body and exotic flavors of baker’s chocolate, almond and caramel – with a lingering buttery finish. Pair with chocolate & berries.

all 3 of these have proved to be exceptionally delicious and lovely in their own way, and yes, all 3 are best when done in the bodum and not sugared & milked.
for my coffee loving friends, i highly recommend trying a bodum at home with a primo bean. you’ll be able to tell the difference immediately and even those that load up their coffees with all sorts of flavours & cream will be able to drink it black, as intended.