food: coconut flour

i’ve said i before and it bears repeating…  i am not a baker.
following instructions to a T is not my strong suit.
but, i can do it if i have to.

about a month ago, i purchased a bag of coconut flour with intentions of baking with it.
or using it for something…
i’m actually not sure what i was thinking, it just seemed like one of those household staples for people that don’t eat wheat.

so it’s been taunting me from my cupboard ever since.
with it’s high price tag and promise of awesomeness.

i’ve been reading a bazillion recipes for paleo baked goods… but the problem is that a) i don’t really like baking and b) i don’t really care about baked goods anymore.

so i’m a bit stumped as to how to use it.

i did have a vision the other day of using it to “bread” a piece of fish and frying it so make a mock fish & chips.  in fact, i was even considering making a tempura out of it.  i have no idea if this is a “real thing” or if i’m just dreaming up wild ideas that this flour isn’t meant for.

i do know this; it’s super absorbent.  all the recipes i’ve read call for shockingly little coconut flour.  like 1/2 a cup to several cups of liquid/eggs/oil/ect.
which is warping my perceptions of what i know about baking.

this weekend i’m planning to hunker down and try out some recipes.  so i’d love to hear any experiences or suggestions or recipe ideas.  because, i frankly, have no idea where to start.