food: chicken & broccoli on sweet potato noodles

so, i ventured out of my cooking comfort zone the other day with this chicken & broccoli with sweet potato noodles from inspiralized. i saw it on my FB feed and since it was Whole30 compliant, i figured it was worth a shot. 

the sauce is a creamy cashew nutritional yeast mixture and it was damn tasty. totally not the usual thing we make, but really glad we tried it. 

since it was my first go at it, i followed the recipe pretty much to a t. 

the only thing was that i didn’t have a shallot, i used onion instead. also threw a raw jalapeño into the blender. 

the noodles didn’t really hold together… maybe i baked them too long or maybe i stirred too much, but it was still really yumm, it just didn’t photograph as i’d hoped. 

recipe is below… photo on instagram 😊