food: saffron rice with chorizo & chicken

yesterday I started digging into my massive pile of magazines. and here’s the thing…. I love getting and reading magazines, but when I’m done I feel his strange obligation to keep said magazine as if it were a book.
particularly since I have 3 subscriptions to food magazines. I rarely make things from the magazines, I mostly just enjoy drawing inspiration and keeping up on trends and restaurants for when I travel… that sort of thing.
but every now and then I do make an actual recipe from one of these magazines. or at least a reasonable facsimile of.

anyways, I went through some of my mags and ripped out recipes that I thought I might make and then turfed the rest of the issue. and this one came from a canadian living from september.


I was on the prowl for a good weeknight dinner and remembered I had all this lovely saffron that I brought home from Budapest last year.
now, like the true pantry/fridge warrior that I am, I had a few substitutions.
brown rice became pearl rice. because we had brown rice with stir fry on sunday… and I think a nice white rice would be prettier with the saffron.
shrimp became a thinly sliced boneless skinless chicken breast.
we don’t eat vegetable oil, so that became ghee…
and peas I had, but I wanted to pack a bit more of a healthy punch, so I subbed in rappini that I had blanched.

the result was delicious. a super easy dish that thanks to my quite lean chorizo, I’m going to declare also pretty healthy. the rappini worked well and I used it because it’s in season, but you could just as easily use something like kale.



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