food: saffron rice with chorizo & chicken

yesterday I started digging into my massive pile of magazines. and here’s the thing…. I love getting and reading magazines, but when I’m done I feel his strange obligation to keep said magazine as if it were a book.
particularly since I have 3 subscriptions to food magazines. I rarely make things from the magazines, I mostly just enjoy drawing inspiration and keeping up on trends and restaurants for when I travel… that sort of thing.
but every now and then I do make an actual recipe from one of these magazines. or at least a reasonable facsimile of.

anyways, I went through some of my mags and ripped out recipes that I thought I might make and then turfed the rest of the issue. and this one came from a canadian living from september.


I was on the prowl for a good weeknight dinner and remembered I had all this lovely saffron that I brought home from Budapest last year.
now, like the true pantry/fridge warrior that I am, I had a few substitutions.
brown rice became pearl rice. because we had brown rice with stir fry on sunday… and I think a nice white rice would be prettier with the saffron.
shrimp became a thinly sliced boneless skinless chicken breast.
we don’t eat vegetable oil, so that became ghee…
and peas I had, but I wanted to pack a bit more of a healthy punch, so I subbed in rappini that I had blanched.

the result was delicious. a super easy dish that thanks to my quite lean chorizo, I’m going to declare also pretty healthy. the rappini worked well and I used it because it’s in season, but you could just as easily use something like kale.



travel: cruising

so, i’m now a cruiser.  kinda.
i’ve moved from my previous travel agent job into the same job, just with a cruising focus.
it’s been very interesting… i like the new challenge and it’s been really fun learning in depth about cruising after years of talking about airlines and tours and hotels and such.
AND i still get to do all the airfare and tours and hotels and stuff that i used to, i just throw this on the pile.  if that makes sense.

anyways, for a few years now i’ve been pretty stoked on the idea of going on royal caribbean’s oasis of the seas.
my husband and i have watched shows on its construction and inception… and i’ve been to more training sessions on it than i can count.  and frankly, it looks freaking amazing.
so we’re going.

next november, roughly a year from now, we’re going to do this 7 night eastern caribbean itinerary.
and it’s gonna be pretty awesome.


and the really fun part is that we’ve decided to assemble a posse.
so i’ve booked off a whole mess of group space on this amazing ship, so if you’re in the mood to sail the caribbean seas with some cool people (like me, obviously) then you should join us.
it’s tres affordable (savings of about $200 a person from the regular price – plus a $50 cabin credit!) and deposit to secure your spot is only $50 a person.
so if you’re into it or want more info, flip me an email at work.  and if you don’t have that address, leave a comment and i’ll email you directly with the goods.

in the meantime, i’ll occupy my months with fantasies of the ship and all the fun stuff to do and all the food to eat.  because food is included and i’m planning on doing some damage at a few places.  mainly the hot dog place and the sushi restaurant.