books: cooked

i picked up the latest book from michael pollan a few weeks ago and finally got around to reading it last week.
(well… technically i’m getting ahead of myself… i still have a few pages to go.  but anyways. )

i definitely count myself among the converted pollan devotees.  i love his books.  everything he writes makes me constantly put down the book and say to someone close to me, “did you know…”.
his books tend to take you on a fantastic journey of culinary and evolutionary discovery and delves deep into the plants themselves and our relationships with them.

this new book is, much like several of his others, divided into 4 sections; fire, water, air and earth.  each one tackles an ancient form of cooking and how it not only changed our lives in the past, but how it continues into today.

so far i’ve ready with earnest through tales of authentic barbeque in the deep south of america in the fire section… ancient one pot cooking techniques and water’s important role in transforming the food we eat… and into the wonder that is the modern loaf of bread and how we got to this point…

now i’m on the last section; earth.  which is, in all honesty, the area that i know the least about.  i know that the paleo school of thought is VERY huge on fermented foods, but i am still an inexperienced young grasshopper.

but so far, its definitely making me super interested in making my own sauerkraut and beers and other delightful things.



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