travel & music: austin city limits festival 2013

well… it’s time to let you in on my next fabulous adventure… (okay, i’m technically going to LA next, but that will be a wedding and maybe a little sightseeing for a very fast 4 nights)
my bestie, ms price and i are heading off on a fabulous adventure to austin, texas for the austin city limits music festival!

are we stoked?  YA, WE ARE!
we’re actually bordering on downright giddy about it.


so, not only is the festival lineup absolutely ridiculously awesome in general, but it basically reads like a who’s who of natalie’s favourite bands; silversun pickups, QOTSA, depeche mode, arctic monkeys, franz ferdinand, muse, the cure, the national… yup.  i’m in fangirl heaven.

see… every time one of these big festivals gets announced i think, gee, that sounds okay, but it’s usually like a handful of bands that really interest me (and i’ve usually seen them all play before, under better circumstances) and a bunch of hipster bands that like 5 people know… and when i really start to think about the logistics of it all (camping, a bazillion dirty hipsters pissing me off, travel costs ect) it starts to be less and less appealing and i just pass on it.  hence why i’ve never actually made it to a sasquatch or coachella or bonaroo despite knowing loads of people that go religiously every year…

but this one?  i get to stay in a hotel. (a NICE hotel, with a rooftop pool, i might add) and the lineup isn’t just a few bands i like, it’s a bunch of bands i LOVE. and, it probably goes without saying that silversun pickups performing will make me spend all of my money to be there to see it.  (obsessed, i am.)

when i add in the fact that cass was down for a bff girl’s getaway, all the stars aligned.  plus austin!  how cool is that?!  i’ve only ever been to dallas, and austin has definitely been on my list of places to visit for a while now.  i mean, its a food truck & bbq mecca.  obviously i must go there and eat all of the things.

luckily for us, the fabulous lana gay has already charted this territory for us and come through like a champion with a 4 page list of all the things to do and see in austin.

first official thing on the schedule?

gospel brunch at the world famous stubb’s bbq.  lana tells me that it books up early… like, months in advance… so, like the good little planner i am, i’ve booked us in for the 11am gospel brunch with the full view of the band.  …another one that i can cross off the life to-do list.

besides that, we’re looking at a city food tour and a few other activities, but much is pending the schedule of the bands.  with SO MANY bands that we want to see, making sure we hit all their sets is top priority.
which is why we made the wise decision to fly in a little early to get a full day to just do austin.  and also to enjoy our swank suite at the omni that is 1086 square feet and has a rooftop pool. (!)

fun times ahead!