drinks: soda stream

as I mentioned a few months ago, the soda stream was on my list of totally frivolous things that I want in my life.
well, lucky for me, I got one for christmas from my mom and I’ve been using the shit out of it ever since.

as I suspected, the syrups to make sodas aren’t really great. my mom bought me a root beer and a cola syrup and they’re tasty, but so sweet and so full of sugar and weird chemicals, so they’re definitely not for every day drinking.
most days I’ve just been carbonating tap water and maybe adding a little squeeze of lemon or some fresh fruit juice from the juicer. but for the most part, I’ve just been guzzling good old fashioned tap water with a little extra sparkle.

yesterday I was at canadian tire and they had all the soda stream goods on sale, so I decided to pick up another pack of bottles, so now I have 4 – awesome for fridge storage because I can down the whole 1L of water easily in a sitting… but they also had these flavor guys that I hadn’t seen before.


according to the label, they’re just natural flavor, not chemicals and no syrup. I’m currently enjoying the lemon lime and pretty stoked that I now have extra bottles, so I can mix up a bottle of each flavor.
I’m also thinking these would be delicious with vodka. because – duh.


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