travel: next adventure

so sometimes the universe just sends you a curve ball.
today i got mine.
today i won something VERY COOL.
i won an all-in trip to australia from my work.

thats right.
i’m actually going here.


this is blowing my mind.
first off, i am obviously incredibly blessed to work for such an amazing company that gives away trips like this… but also i’m just damn lucky.
they took the 15 top sellers of australia product for last month and drew 3 winners and i was one of them.

australia, admittedly is a place that was not high on my priority list to visit.
in fact, i don’t even think it was on the list.
mostly based on this.

australia kills you

i definitely have a legitimate fear that i will die in australia, lol.
spiders and snakes are not my friends.
but i’m sure i’ll get over my fears and have an amazing time.

so among other awesomeness, my trip includes:

  • roundtrip airfare
  • accommodations & some meals
  • wine tour of south australia’s barossa valley
  • RV’ing victoria’s great ocean road
  • great barrier reef experience
  • queensland rail sunlander
  • sydney bridge climb
  • private yacht tour of sydney harbour
  • kangaroo island adventure

it’s going to be a whirlwind trip of about 10 days and then there will be an option to extend out for an extra 3 days to see uluru (ayers rock), which i’ll probably do because lets face it, i have to assume this is a once in a lifetime trip.

i’m really just gobsmacked that this happened.
its one of the biggest (and worth the most) agent trips that one could possibly win and i can not believe i’ve actually won it.
i should buy myself a lotto ticket because this guy is clearly lucky today.
happy early birthday to me.


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  1. morningaftershow
    Dec 11, 2012 @ 14:55:52

    so cool!


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