travel: home sweet home


ah yes… home sweet home.  for now.
in 3 sleeps i’m headed back to europe for prague, vienna & budapest for my whirlwind 6 nights with contiki.
but for now, i’m basking in italy memories, and relaxation in the form of pumpkin beer.

my italy pictures number about 1600 and i have to buy a new external hard drive to get htem off my camera, since my computer doesn’t have enough memory left… so what i’m saying is that you won’ be getting full italy posts for a few weeks because i want to wait for pictures.

in the meantime, i can tell you that my trip was absolutely wonderful.
the “favourite city” is hotly contested right now, but i have to give mad props to sicily for totally blowing our minds with awesome.  it was absolutely stunning there.  and it makes me kind of sad that so many people don’t quite make it there when they explore italy.  its one place that we immediately said we’d like to go back to.

anyways, gotta race off to work now (i’m scared of my inbox right now, not gonna lie) but here’s a couple pictures from my iphone that kind of start to do a little justice to the magic that is sicily.

here i am in the ruins in selinunte.  so amazing.


and enjoying a limone granita in savoca (where the godfather was filmed)



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  1. morningaftershow
    Oct 15, 2012 @ 13:24:08

    ha… I wonder how many messages were waiting for you?

    If I go a weekend off of facebook. My new weekly goal. I log in on Monday with many tags and likes and pokes and whiznits to look and LOL at.


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