travel: the final countdown to italy

after what feels like YEARS of waiting… my italy trip is finally almost here…
only 9 more sleeps until we depart.
no other trips in between my departure…
it feels real now.  very real.
our travel documents have arrived…
we’ve bought all those little things one should have… travel pillows, new luggage tags, universal adapters… you know.


i’m trying to concentrate all my happy feelings on this trip and working on my body healing itself so that i’m ready to rock.

i’m not gonna lie… i’m in a lot of pain these last few days.
my fall in the turks was worse than i first thought and i’ve been in & out of the hospital 3 times in the last 5 days.  all the docs say i should be fine to fly as long as i take the next little while to really rest up and keep my leg elevated.  so basically i’ve been spending some quality time with my couch.

it’s cool because its given me a chance to really pour over my travel books.


which has been good… but due to pain killers and such, i’m not really retaining much.
let’s just say that despite 3 reads, i still can’t speak any italian.
which is why i bought the pocket sized book, lol.

i honestly couldn’t be happier that we’re going on a guided tour.  the weight off my shoulders is massive.
especially with this injury, not having to schlep my bags around myself and worry about getting myself to & from train stations is absolutely priceless.
and i know it sounds silly, but i spend my days planning other people’s trips for them… i’m kinda burned out on it when it comes to my own trip.  to let someone else take the reigns and do all the nit picky details for me is a blessing.
all we have to do is show up, and go along for the ride.
and thats exactly what i want out of my vacation.
plus, since italy is all new to me, i won’t proclaim to know all the ins and outs.  trafalgar are experts, so i’m just gonna let them do what they do.

i’ve been watching loads of shows lately on italy…
anthony bourdain has been schooling me on the food… waterfront cities of the world has shown me the secrets of venice… and last night i watched a show on daily life in ancient rome.
and i’ve been soaking up as much as possible.  again, as much as is possible with a head full of painkillers, lol.

i have a bit of a mental list of things to see and places to eat based on shows, books and personal recommendations… but overall, the plan is to just go with the flow.
the only real “must do” for food so far is “restaurant X” that anthony bourdain waxed poetic about in an episode of No Reservations.
i simply must eat that pasta dish that he showed – Tagliolini Cacio e Pepe.

it has to go in my mouth.  like… pretty much the day we arrive in rome.
thankfully, the internet has reviled his “secret” to be Ristorante Roma Sparita and so, this will be accomplished.

to be honest i’d really like to work my way through this list… 10 best restaurants in rome but sadly my time is limited in rome to 4 days.
i do promise you this… there will be many food pictures on my return.  if i don’t take at least one picture of everything i put in my mouth, i will have failed myself.

as well, it seems that my hotels should have wireless, so i’ll do my best to post some blogs from on the ground… but i’m not bringing a laptop, just my ipad, so they may lack photos until i return back in mid-october.
i’ll do my best.