travel: turks & caicos

…and we’re BACK!
home sweet home after 4 nights in the absolutely stunning turks & caicos.
that place was… wow.

you know when you see pictures of a place and somewhere in the back of your mind you have doubts that it could *really* look like that?

those are two REAL photos that i took with my crappy underwater camera.
they are absolutely untouched by photoshop.  that is really how freaking gorgeous that place was.

i have been to a lot of beaches and nothing came close to what this place was like.
i will absolutely be returning there.

getting there was a bit of a nightmare though.
nothing flies direct from the west coast to the eastern caribbean, so we connected through toronto.
we left vancouver on a red eye, which i absolutely loathe.  i tried to think positive… it meant we got in at 1pm instead of 8pm, so in the end since this was such a short trip it was worth it… but i don’t sleep on planes.  so being wide awake all night on a flight was torture.
somehow i napped on the flight from toronto to turks, which saved me, but it was an exhausting experience and not one i’d be quick to repeat.

the way home was pretty seamless… left turks around 2pm and were back in vancouver by 11pm.  gotta love when the time changes work in your favour.
the flight home was very harrowing for me.  i sustained quite the injury on my trip and needed to keep my foot elevated… the turks to toronto flight was no problem, as they had me in a bulkhead seat…
but the toronto to vancouver had me in a regular seat and that was exceedingly painful.  my foot about tripled in size on the flight and almost brought me to tears.
i do have to give much love to the air canada staff that tried their best to get me into an extra leg room seat, but as the flight was full they couldn’t really do much.  the flight attendants let me move to their seats in the back for the last hour of the flight so i could stretch out and put my leg up.  which probably saved me from having a total breakdown.

anyways. the beaches resort was massive and gorgeous.  immaculate grounds and obviously a top notch beach.
so many pool areas and restaurants… it was easily twice the size of the biggest resort i’ve ever stayed in.
which was totally awesome… until i hurt myself, then it was torture, lol.  buuuuuut… i’d definitely recommend this place, especially for families.  hell, even *i* got a kick out of seeing elmo wandering around the resort.

my trip itself was great.  but i lovingly refer to my company as a bunch of a-holes because they very much follow the “work hard, play hard” mentality.  which is awesome when you’re like 21… but in your 30s its a little harder to work hard the day after you’ve played hard.
so our days were filled with conference time and a sandals foundation charity project and our nights filled with beach & pool parties and crazy fun times.  then we got up at the crack of dawn and did it all again.
let me tell you, that 6:50am boot camp (yes, that’s 3:50am vancouver time) hit a whole bunch of people HARD.
thankfully, the day prior to that i had the presence of mind to not drink a single drop of liquor, so i was ready to rock it out.

it was HOT.  and HUMID.  the day of my sandals foundation project work all i did was drink water and sweat.  i drank over 12 bottles of water and probably sweat out 20.  i didn’t want alcohol in any fashion, so it wasn’t hard to say no.
but i kinda think this face made it all worthwhile (*cheese*)

this is calvin and he was pretty much as sweet and adorable as he looks in this picture.
we hung out, played with stickers and read stories.  not a bad way to spend the afternoon… and i definitely thanked the gods that i didn’t have to do manual labor in that heat.  i think i legit would have passed out.

and then the early evenings after the conference were spent in the ocean.
picture if you will, a giant floatilla of travel agents bobbing in the caribbean sea.  it was pretty rad.

the water was bathtub warm and with air temperatures of 30+ there was absolutely no chill at any point in the evening.  it was simply perfect for late night water antics.

so there you go… a brief turks run down.
and i can’t say this enough… go.
go see the eastern caribbean.  its not that far, not that expensive and absolutely stunning.
more posts coming about the food.  because authentic proper caribbean food is a treat for the senses.
and you’d better believe i ate my share of it.


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