vancouver: im on a boat

i love boats.
and i love being on the water, in the water and just generally around water.

last summer i went kayaking for the first time with my girlfriend based on a groupon that was for the rental place by my house at rocky point.
it was something i’d always wanted to do… and while i’ve paddled many a canoe, i had never done this.
so we took our lesson that had dryland training and then some time in the water.
we were taught all the safety stuff and need-to-knows about being in a boat… and then our stroke was corrected and perfected.  it was fun and a lovely way to spend an afternoon and i vowed to do it again.

fast forward to one year later.  i still haven’t been back.
so thanks to the gentle pushing of groupon, we decided to do a 2 hour rental in false creek.

it was an absolutely gorgeous night and we paddled around the base of false creek until the sun was setting.
it was utter vancouver perfection.




so, needless to say, this lit a bit of a fire under us.
while the scenery was gorgeous in false creek and the views of vancouver absolutely stunning… the water was completely disgusting.
and there was a lot of boat traffic.  dragonboats, outrigger canoes, other kayaks, the aquabus, various motorboats and even a giant paddlewheeler dinner cruise boat.

so we decided that next time we’d stick to the serene waters of the burrard inlet by rocky point.
and we didn’t wait long this time…
that weekend, we reserved boats and spent two hours exploring the coastline of the inlet, letting our fingers trail in the water and watching the seals.
it was calm and every bit as beautiful as being downtown, but with less stress and water traffic.





2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. morningaftershow
    Aug 14, 2012 @ 13:23:07

    I love kayaking.

    Two things I wanna do on the bucket list.

    buy a kayak!

    go kayak camping!


      Aug 16, 2012 @ 07:58:30

      we were talking about buying boats next year, but we have nowhere to store them. it’s a “house” item I think. also it’s only like $10 an hour to rent them, and really… I’d have to go a LOT to save money with buying one.
      kayak camping would be fun… but where does the beer go?!


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