food: pork shoulder


for canada day, we kinda went all out.
i’m not going to give you a whole lot of preamble, but we slow roasted a 15lb bone-in pork shoulder for 24 hours.
so, there’s that.

we also let it brine for 24 hours before cooking.
aaaaand we butchered the pig ourselves.
so let’s just say it was a real farm to table meal so to speak.

i’ll let the pictures tell the story…

brine for 24 hours.

homemade spice rub and injection.

ready for the oven.

after 6 hours.

after 15 hours.

finished product after 24 hours at 200 degrees.

and then we let it cool for an hour and removed the fat cap and shredded the pig into a mountain of deliciousness.

we served it up with 3 bbq sauces.  a mustard based south carolina sauce.  a vinegar north carolina sauce.  and a more classic looking kansas city bbq sauce.
and then we chowed down with some delicious cornbread & coleslaw side dishes.

everyone like their bbq different.
this first plate is mine.  i poured the vinegar sauce all over the pork and then did a side of mustard and classic bbq sauces and dipped as i ate.


this second plate is moonbeam’s.  she made 4 piles, one plain and one with each of the 3 sauces to taste them all appropriately.


and then jules made hers into a cornbread sandwich.  which, frankly, i can’t fault a sister for.


the winners were the two homemade sauces, north & south carolina.
the bottled sauce was the least favourite even though it was a tasty one.
the pork itself was incredible.  so tender and roasted to perfection.
and as an added bonus, it made my house smell magical for 2 days.

it was the first time i’d ever cooked something for that long and wow.  what results.
part of me was a bit nervous about the whole endeavor… leaving the oven on overnight, what if it overcooked and dried out ect… but it turned out absolutely perfect.

and now i shall be eating pork leftovers for the next week.  and that is in no way a complaint.


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  1. morningaftershow
    Jul 03, 2012 @ 16:49:27



  2. Moonbeam Bouvier
    Jul 03, 2012 @ 18:15:37

    That, there, madam, is a fucking beautiful thing. *pig love*


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