travel: las vegas hiking adventure

a few months ago i won a hefty gift certificate to Intrepid Tours.  they are kind to travel agents and so this essentially meant i had a free trip to take.
the problem, is timing.
initially we were going to use this for our italy trip, but it didnt work out… and really, the idea of going on another trip before italy just isn’t realistic… but i have to use it before the year ends or it expires.

so i’ve been feverishly searching through brochures for something i could do in november or december that wouldn’t cost me a fortune in airfare.
and i have a winner!

this is called canyons & indian lands.

Highlights: Learn about the traditions of the Navajo people, Be mystified by the lunar landscapes of Monument Valley, Witness the epic scale of the Grand Canyon, Weave between the rock spires of Bryce Canyon, See the bizarre city of Las Vegas, Revel in the peaceful beauty of Zion National Park, Hike to the serene Emerald Pools


i’m pretty excited about it.

las vegas is a perfect start/finish city because the airfare is affordable…
and it’s 7 days/6 nights, so it won’t require too many days off.
so i’ve submitted my name and hopefully i get approved.
and if you’d like to join me, i can make that happen.  it’s a pretty affordable trip and there’s 3 spaces left.  (they only take 12 people, so you’re not on a giant bus)

i’m pretty excited to take a thousand pictures of amazing landscapes.

Days 1-2 Las Vegas/ Zion National Park

Start the adventure in the heat of Las Vegas, NV. Arrive early to indulge in the many delights of ‘Sin City’ before escaping to the tranquillity of Zion National Park. Follow the parks many trails through sandstone cliffs and discover hidden waterfalls and pools nestled in the shade of Zion’s soaring rock formations.

Day 3 Bryce Canyon National Park

Get swept up in the beauty of Bryce Canyon, a mind-bending collection of natural spires that glow a deep shade of orange in the hot Nevada sun. See this ecological oddity in all its glory on the Rim Trail or get up close and personal with the red sands of the canyon floor on the challenging Peek-a-Boo Loop Trail.

Day 4 Monument Valley

Enter the spiritual home of the legendary Navajo people, an otherworldly landscape of massive rock formations and blood red plains. Watch the sun move across this dramatic setting and take an optional jeep ride into remote areas of the Navajo Indian Reservation. Learn about the culture and traditions of these proud people that have inhabited this land for centuries.

Days 5-6 Grand Canyon National Park

Journey to the epic grandeur of the Grand Canyon, a monument worthy of the Gods. Soak up awe-inspiring views while hiking the South Rim Trail or splurge on a thrilling helicopter flight to see the scale of this unimaginably vast canyon from a different perspective.

Day 7 Las Vegas

Return to the neon wonder of Las Vegas where the Canyons and Indian Lands journey comes full circle. Why not take a stroll along the Strip or catch one of Las Vegas’ famous shows to end the trip in style.


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