food: new addiction

while as a general rule, i avoid any sort of “meal bar” type foods… i’ve found myself recently indulging in larabar for when i’m out and on the go without a proper meal.

man, those things are tasty.
and expensive.

but when i look at the ingredients, there’s only 5 things or so in most of them…
my current obsession is the chocolate coconut chew that contains dates, walnutes, almonds, coconut and cocoa powder.

which inevitably led me to think… gee, these must be dead easy to make.

and sure enough, a quick google gave me a bazillion recipes for making your own larabar in the food processor.

roadblock 1: i don’t have a food processor.
its on my list of kitchen gadgets to get and increasingly over the last few months i’ve really been able to make a case for having one.  so i think this weekend, i’ll get one.

roadblock 2: actually, no other roadblocks exist.
according to the recipes, they can be made in minutes, with no baking or special processing required.
so really, the only other roadblock is my own laziness.

my nom nom paleo ap for my ipad has a recipe for “liar bars” which are their version of larabar and they look pretty simple… and then this post- how-to-make-homemade-lara-bars had all sorts of recipe variations that sound awesome.

so i think i need a trip down to trader joe’s to stock up on some dried fruit without sugar in order to mix myself up some tasty treats.

my other food obsession lately is coconut.

this one is by no means new… i’ve always been a fierce coconut lover, but lately, it’s been super serious.

everything i cook in oil is in coconut oil or coconut mana… coconut milk goes in my soups and stews… coconut water is my bottled beverage of choice… and just plain coconut is finding its way into my mouth at every given opportunity.

i totally believe this may be nature’s perfect food.
and if not, it’s definitely one of nature’s most delicious ones.

a friend posted a few links last week that i thought were interesting reads that gave me some good ideas on how to further use this superfood.
160 uses for coconut oil
healing properties of coconut water

if you’ve ever had a bad hangover and drank some coconut water, you’re probably already sold on its healing properties, but i always enjoy a little science.

but beyond the nutritional value, it’s damn tasty.
especially when fresh.
if this can be my meal accompaniment, then its happening.

also, just looking at that picture of shrimp truck food from hawaii is making me hungry.
thats from the north shore of oahu on my trip in 2010.  yum yum.

but anyways… my point is that its not unusual to see me like this on vacation:

and if you really want to get crazy, then you also throw some rum in the coconut and it makes you very happy.

anyways… coconut obsession is full on right now.
so if anyone has any amazing coconut recipes that they’d like to share, please, bring them on!


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