food: paleo tuna cakes

so, as you may have judged by the lack of regular posts, life has been extra real lately.
i’ve not only been busy, but i’ve been very unmotivated.
instead of getting up with the sun and being productive before work (aka – blogging and running/gym), i’ve been hitting snooze and running for my bus to no be late.  not cool.

so today is my first day of up and at’em.
and naturally that means its a blogging morning, not a running morning.  because let’s be realistic here.

that being said, vancouver has skipped spring and launched full tilt into summer.  which, is a-okay with me.
i went from rain jackets and boots to a very unneeded hoodie in a matter of a week.
and i also have fine tuned my summer goals.
there’s a trail running clinic that sounds super fun and it starts in july.  but you have to be able to run 30 minutes to join… and i used to be able to, but i’m very out of practice.  so i have about 6 weeks to get back.
note – vegas will probably not help in this matter.

anyways, i’m also back on the healthy eats.  there’s been some set backs… a lot of decadent non-paleo food has snuck in.
i actually even ate wheat at my anniversary dinner.  it was my first piece of bread in 7 months.
i realized that i had totally forgotten the texture.  also, i still love bread.
but i was determined for it to be a one night stand with the bread and haven’t touched it again since.
i think its going to make italy even more amazing if i can hold out until then because frankly eating that piece last week was like tasting it for the first time.

now, back to the task at hand…
i downloaded an awesome food app for my ipad from nomnompaleo and i’ve been totally inspired by it.
my husband asked last week what to make for dinner and i handed him the ipad and said “anything you find on this app sounds awesome” and he decided on paleo tuna cakes.

this was a fun recipe… you cook and form them in muffin tins and then bake them and before serving, you brown them in a little clarified butter.
the sweet potato in there somehow makes them taste like they have cheese in them.
they’re delicious.

the only problem was that they stuck to the muffin tins.  but i’m not sure if maybe they weren’t greased enough or what… but even in imperfect patties, they were awesome.

and then we did an un-paleo thing and put a little dollop of creme fraiche with chives on top.  because that shit is yum.

i was looking and it seems like the recipe is gone from which i’m guessing is because its meant to drive sales of the app… which is fair enough.  so i won’t post it.
but its worth the couple bucks i paid for it.




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