food: epic nachos

i think i’ve said this before, but yes, it has occurred to me that if i’m going to have a food blog, i should probably take proper pictures.
you know, staged and taken with a real camera and artfully arranged.
but then the other side of me says, fuck it.  it’s my dinner.

maybe one day soon i’ll get a new iphone and then my pictures can be lazy and still quality.
in the meantime, you must suffer through poor lighting and low quality.

last week, this is how lazy/hungover i was on sunday.
dinner was epic nachos.
ya, i know… nachos?  terrible/delicious dinner.

we started with the intention of tacos… i made the beef and was ready to rock… and then i thought… what if my tacos were nachos instead?  (this is also the point where i realized i forgot to buy taco shells)

so we laid out a pile of chips and loaded on cheese, beef, tomatoes, yellow peppers, green onions and jalapenos.


and into the oven it went… until the smell was enticing and the cheese golden brown…


and then, in the name of health, we loaded them up with shredded iceberg lettuce.
you know, so that it had greens on it.

we paired it with some delicious sioux city root beer and epic nachos were consumed.
note to my husband – i told you that was waaaay too many nachos for 2 people.
just under half ended up hitting the bin.
but the ones we ate were perfection.
three cheers for epic nachos for lazy sunday dinner!



1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. morningaftershow
    May 16, 2012 @ 16:27:31

    pictures never seem too terrible to me… but yeah, when you get an iPhone 4s or 5 it’ll be amazing-er!


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