travel: moar las vegas

this is by request for mr baker who suggests “moar vegas posts” via twitter.
so i’ve been mulling that one over…
i am 13 sleeps away from my next trip to vegas and starting to get very excited.
it’s currently 30+ degrees there.  which is also known as “awesome pool weather”.

the itinerary is not firm at all.
we have 1 dinner reservation for rick moneen’s RM Seafood on my mom’s birthday because i bought a fabulous groupon for it.  ($42 for 2 dinners & wine?  done!)
we still have vague spa plans… but nothing booked…

mostly we’re thinking of spending every day at the pool and spending as little money as possible, which of course is never how vegas trips turn out in reality, but its nice to dream.

travelzoo just put out a promo for discounted cirque tickets, so maybe we’ll see a show… i’ve only ever seen the criss angel cirque, so this could be a fun change of pace…

one thing that i’m very excited to check out is the changes to the harrahs blocks.
apparently the front of harrahs has been ripped out and of course, o’shea’s has been closed and imploded and the flamingo front is undergoing a refit too…
so the final look will be done in 2013 (i hope by may – so i can see it!) and it sounds like its really going to be something.

the project is called “Linq” and it is the ceasar entertainment group’s effort to really move their properties into something a little more upscale.
also, a giant london-eye/ferris wheel esque addition!

lots of info and pictures can be found here –

it looks pretty spectacular.
normally i would include pictures to a post like this, but my work computer doesn’t play nice with pictures for some reason.

anyways, i’ll do some investigative reporting when i’m there and report back with my own photos of the progress.