food: peach blueberry paleo crisp

whats a girl to do when she has a late night sweet craving and seemingly nothing in the house?
scour the cupboards and invent something.

so i saw a bag of okanagan peaches and some local blueberries from last summer in my freezer and thought to myself, gee, you should probably use those before they’re totally useless.
but since they’re already getting a bit of a freezer burn, maybe you should cook them…

but paleo = no pie…
but i thought i could macgyver myself a crisp/crumble of sorts.

and hooray, i did it!


essentially, i basically just put stuff together that i thought would work in the same way as the usual crisp would…

for the filling, because i didn’t use flour or cornstarch it was a bit runny.  but still delicious.
peaches, blueberries, a little cinnamon and coconut sugar was all it needed…

the topping was made with some dried coconut, coconut flour, almond flour, coconut sugar (it’s basically like brown sugar but from coconut sap instead – tastes like a maple syrup/brown sugar love child – delightful) and some butter.  oh, and a sprinkle of cinnamon and a little vanilla extract.

baked it for about half an hour at 375 until the smell was killing me and then we chowed down.

it was a great sweet snack and definitely satisfied my “junk food” craving.