food: sweet potato salad

so when i initially started writing this post, it was warm and sunny and the outdoors was starting to lure me into a false sense of summer…
the playoffs were on and the canucks had just won a game (finally.)…

and now, the weather is utter garbage with pouring rain and chilled air and the canucks are eliminated.

so… potato salad doesn’t quite hold the same allure as it did a few days ago.
but, anyways, i won’t forsake a delicious potato salad its due…

problem: potato salad craving.  only 3 potatoes in the house.
solution: 1 sweet potato and 1 yam to the rescue.


this is basically my classic potato salad… just with some potato additions.

for veg, we have green onions, pepperoncinis and celery.  stalks & leaves.  because celery leaves are yummy and often wasted.


add some mayo, a little mustard and some acid… i used some pepperoncini brine this time, but a vinegar or lemon works too.

we also added 2 chopped hard boiled eggs…. salt & pepper, a little hot sauce… and voila!



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