travel: fabulous las vegas 2012

ya… remember that time that i said i wasn’t going to vegas in 2012…
apparently i’m a big fat liar.  because today i booked my flight & hotel for may 22nd.

in my defense, it’s not my fault.  my mother lured me with a paid flight in honor of her birthday…
so, how can i say no to free vegas?
i can’t.
it’s just not done.

so we’re off in a mere 39 days, for 4 nights in fabulous las vegas with a stay at mandalay bay.

i’m pretty giddy about it.
now, my streak of vegas at least once a year continues unbroken for 7 years running.
this will be my 8th time in vegas and my 3rd stay at mandalay.

on the itinerary: pool time, more pool time, many meals at border grill, a day at the spa… and maybe the incubus show on the 25th because i’m pretty sure i can’t be in vegas while incubus is and *not* go to their show.
but it may be a solo affair… and i’m okay with that, because i can go and rock out and then meet up with my ma after.
in fact, it may be better that way, lol.

there’s a great seat sale on right now with westjet… and my agent rate is ridiculously cheap for the hotel… so this trip was a bargain.
and we’re going at my favourite time of year.  the week between the canadian stat holiday and the american stat holiday.
it means there’s loads going on in the city, but we miss the peak travel dates because we’re on weekdays and so we don’t pay the premium prices.  see how clever i am?
also, the weather is almost always excellent.  i’m anticipating some sweet 28 degree ish weather…

oh man, i can’t wait.
i can’t believe its only 6 months since i was there last… it seems like forever ago.
although, on my last visit we stayed at the mirage and didn’t even make it down to mandalay bay, so technically its been since last may since i was *there*.

anyways, time to get motivated on that workout routine…
also, time to get a new swimsuit.
priorities.  you know…


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