food: venison chops

a few weeks ago when my husband and i went on our grass fed meat mission and also stumbled across some game meats, we procured 4 venison chops.
they were vacuum packed and frozen, so we tossed them in the freezer and kind of forgot about them… until last weekend’s great freezer purge.

after a defrost, my husband marinaded them in olive oil, orange zest, fresh rosemary and crushed juniper berries for a few hours.


then they hit the grill…
since the weather was good, that meant it was the first bbq of the season.
and we all know that everything tastes better on the bbq.

i must also note that my husband did a masterful job cooking these.  they were perfectly done to medium rare.


okay, my “food styling” needs work.  i know.   or maybe i should use a better camera than my iphone 3GS… anyways…

we paired the venison with some roasted potatoes and roasted broccoli & cauliflower for a delightful meal.


the venison was tasty, but honestly, i wasn’t in love.
one piece was really good, but the other was a little chewy and had a lot of connective tissue and was quite hard to eat.  maybe it was a defective cut.  because the other one didn’t have those problems.

these were well priced and a nice alternative to beef… and also naturally fed, as they are wild, so bonus there.
this wasn’t my first time eating it, but i’d never cooked it at home before…
i’b buy venison again for sure, but i think i’d be a bit pickier about the cut next time.  maybe a tenderloin or something… or a roast would have been a better choice.  to be continued…


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