food: roast chicken with meyer lemons

the best part of roasting a chicken is how it always looks super impressive, even though it’s like the easiest thing ever to make.
i’m not joking.  you literally give it a little rub down with oil/butter/whatever and salt & pepper it… pop it in the oven, forget about it and when the timer goes; perfection comes out.

just to shake things up a little… and because i have a bazillion meyer lemons, i decided to roast some lemons in with the chicken and potatoes.
it worked magically.

i greased up the chicken, salt & peppered it and stuffed it with a lemon cut in half with the juice squeezed into the cavity.
then i popped it in the oven at 450 for 20 minutes to crisp the outside instantly.

i took it out, turned down the heat to 350 and added the veggies to the pan.  this time it was just potatoes, onions and 2 meyer lemons cut in half.
back into the oven to roast for another hour.  (it was a big chicken)

after the temperature told me it was done (love that meat thermometer) we let it rest.


here’s a quick shot of the finished product…
don’t worry, something green did make it onto the plate.  we had kale chips as a side dish.
the lemons were really tasty and we squeezed them over the meat as an almost-sauce.  yum yum.