food: preserved meyer lemons

so, on sunday, i was wandering through costco… when i spied something in the produce section.
generally i avoid the costco produce.  sure its cheap and often pretty tasty, but it’s always from SO FAR AWAY.  no joke, right now they have peppers from isreal.  like, WHY? is it really cheaper to fly produce half way around the planet rather than buy it locally?  i just don’t understand.
anyways.  that’s a whole other rant.
but, some things i give a pass to… like avocados and pineapples and oranges and other things that we just don’t grow here…
including the meyer lemon.


meyer lemons are like the snuffleupagus of the culinary world in vancouver.
seriously, i can NEVER find these things.  even in the best of the specialty markets.  i don’t know if i have terrible luck or if they just don’t have a demand for them or what.  but they are hard to find.
so finding 4lbs of them for $7 seemed like the deal of the year.

until i got home and realized i had 4lbs of meyer lemons.
that’s 20 lemons in case you were wondering.


i have a plan… i’m roasting a chicken tomorrow for dinner and it will get stuffed and roasted with halved lemons.
and if i get motivated there will be a lemon curd in my future…
but in all honesty, that still leaves me with like 10 lemons.
so i decided to preserve them.

preserved lemons

it was so ridiculously easy.
i read a bunch of different recipes (really, more like instructions than recipes) and eventually decided against blanching the lemons first.  most comments seemed to indicate that it was unnecessary with meyers since they have such a delicate thin skin anyways.

basically you cut into wedges, take out the seeds, toss in salt (i used 6 lemons to 3/4 cup coarse sea salt) and pack into jars.  cover with enough lemon juice to cover them lemons, put the lid on and let sit at room temperature for 5 days, gently shaking/turning once per day.
at the end of the 5 days, you can top up the jars with olive oil and refrigerate and you’re good to go.
plus they’re super pretty.




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