learning: bacon & sausage making class

thanks to the magic of groupon, myself, my husband and moonbeam (otherwise known as the tricycle of fun) embarked on another food learning adventure.
this time; to learn to make bacon and sausages.

the sausage part was intriguing, but not an oh-my-god-i-have-to-do-this thing… i mean, i love sausages (non sexual, i swear) but i feel like i could make sausage myself, i just don’t have the equipment. (again, so not sexual, lol)
so it was more a this-will-be-neat-to-make-my-own-and-if-i-ever-have-room-i’ll-buy-a-meat-grinder thing…
and lets face it, it’s hilarious to manhandle large quantities of sausage. (sexual jokes allowed now)

anyways.  our class took place at the landmark Save On Meats on hastings street.
this is a place i’ve eyed up all my life and not once set foot in.
but clearly, their signage is among the best in the city.


we received an apron, a nametag and a doutang of recipes.
thumbs up for this idea.  it was great to just watch and learn without being worried about remembering the correct ratios and recipes.
we were divided into 2 groups.  one went to bacon first (that was us) and the other did sausage.
then we switched.

our friendly, knowledgeable and easy on the eyes chef/teacher/butcher introduced us to a big pile of pork belly and we got to making bacon.  (teehee – again)

basically we just mixed pre-measured spices & salt and coated our bacon and stuck it in a plastic bag where it will hang out for the next 7 days.

definitely not *hard* but it was interesting to learn about various bacons and how to make your own smoker and such.

we then moved on to pancetta making.  basically the same thing as bacon.  you salt & season it, let it hang out for 7 days and then roll it up, tie it and dry it to cure.

it was so easy that i can’t believe i haven’t been doing this myself all along.

so then we moved over to the sausage station.

our sausage guide went through the whole process once so we could see it start to finish and then we got at it.

first step was to weigh our meat and then double grind it.
there was a hand crank and an electric one.  i went electric.

we then mixed in the pre-measured spices and loaded it into the sausage pump thing (what the hell do you call that?) and got down to business.

again this was easy.  but fun.
and we laughed and make dirty comments about cranking meat and squeezing sausage.

all in all, it was a lot of fun and i was satisfied with the experience.
if i was going to make any comments it would be that the groupon said it would be a 3 hour class and it definitely was not.
we started at around 6:45 and we were gone by 8:30 and people left before us.
so total, it was less than 2 hours.

i don’t feel like we needed to be there for longer… in fact, i think 3 hours is too long possibly…
but if you say 3 hours, it should last close to 3 hours.
maybe they should have incorporated another element or maybe done a tour of the facilities or something else to add content. i don’t know…

anyways, we’re headed back to save on meats for a cheese making class in May and i’m really looking forward to that.
i know how to make cheese, but its been a long time since i did it and i’m looking forward to learning about aging cheeses because that’s a new thing for me too.

and now i have bacon, pancetta and sausages to eat from my class which i am very much looking forward to.
yey for learning!


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Moonbeam Bouvier
    Mar 09, 2012 @ 20:02:56

    Yay for learning indeed! And monsieur chef? *drool*

    Me to chef with my eyes: “Hi there. Like the way I rub this (pork) belly? Check out my skills. See how well I handle this meat? Mmm hmm.”

    It’s a wonder I’m still single…


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