drinks: bear flag red wine

last week i was window shopping at the liquor store and saw this pamphlet for “Fun & Delicious” wines.
well… i like both those things, i said to myself.


i chose two of them to take home.  because at under $14 a pop, that’s a good investment.
also, i have the aerator which saves even the shittiest bottle of wine.


i found the bear flag to be a tasty choice.  and for the price point, definitely a winner.
usually i stay away from “animal wines”, but the bear is in reference to the state flag of california, so i’ll let it go.
this was a “nothing special” kinda red, but nice and drinkable.  the first glass was a little abrasive, even with the aerator, but after a few minutes it had mellowed out nicely.
i would buy this one again.