drinks: mon ami rascal

tried a new wine tonight.  mon ami rascal.
what can i say… it’s red, french and pretty affordable.
picked it up for $11.99 at the beer & wine store that is super tits awesome by moonbeam’s house.

i know its monday, but i had a tough day.  i deserve wine dammit.

but this liquor store has a section of top picks below $10 and top picks below $15.
and since i’m broke, but not cheap… i went for the top picks below $15 and grabbed this little guy.

it’s not like ridiculously awesome, but for the price point and once you run it through the aerator, it’s really quite tasty.
perfect choice for a monday night.
you know… when you need a glass of wine, but don’t want to open a $20 bottle.
that’s this guy.

plus, the cap made me laugh a little.  so that’s gotta be worth a couple bucks.




3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Moonbeam Bouvier
    Feb 06, 2012 @ 20:31:18

    Huh, interesting. I’ll have to give that one a go…based mainly on the lid. 😉


  2. morningaftershow
    Feb 07, 2012 @ 17:40:42

    just so much wisdom. I don’t know where to begin other than… going back to Vegas in June!

    and staying at the Flamingo… again! hahahaha

    and I am so excited. Actually going with a bunch of guys most of whom I don’t know… so I am looking forward to a combination of random good times and doing some solo exploration… like a desert hike!


  3. anormalday
    Feb 08, 2012 @ 08:33:48

    Warning: Crazy cat lady comment.
    I call my cat Mon Ami Rascal. So I would defo try this wine. And you’re lucky to have found one of those beer & wine places that you can trust to have good wines, I’m still looking for one here in Victoria. The one within stumbling distance is over-priced, over crowded and while they know a LOT about beer, their wine selection is untrustworthy, all over the place. Thank god for the aerator.


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