books: learning about wheat belly & paleo life

i’m one of those people that absorbs knowledge. when something tweaks my interest (and even when it doesn’t) i soak up every detail.  because i am an insufferable know-it-all.
i absolutely LOVE knowing lots about a subject… because i love engaging in intelligent conversation.
there’s nothing that irks me more than when i can’t contribute because i have no knowledge on the subject at hand.

the subject that has captured my interest lately is food and diet.
obviously i sold myself on wheat-free when i tried it and found an immediate difference.  but it was a book that put it on my radar to begin with.

jen wrote a post about it a few months ago and spoke so passionately about it that it immediatly convinced me to at least try it for myself.  she’s since taken down the post and done a blog revamp, but is still on the wheat-free wagon.

the book in question: Wheat Belly by Dr William Davis

i started reading the blog at but didn’t actually pick up the book until last night.
i have some itunes $ to blow, so i thought getting it on my ipad would be perfect.

it’s very science heavy and very interesting and at times, downright scary.
i raced through it last night, but will definitely give it a second read.  i was thankful for my ipad’s ability to highlight passages for future reference, because there is much that absolutely blew my mind.

i know a few people that have gone the one step further and started on paleo… and while i don’t see myself giving up dairy, i still want to read up on it and see what its all about.
so i picked up this book: The Paleo Solution by Robb Wolf

apparently this is “the place to start” if you’re considering paleo and i’ve had so many people raving about it, so i figured it was also worth sticking on the ipad and giving it a read.

again, i’m not sure i’m going to try to pick up a full paleo diet, but i have an increasing amount of friends that are in love with it, so i’d like to understand the science behind their passion.

now, with a whole new lifestyle on the horizon… this also means figuring out a whole new way of cooking.
which means, a cookbook is in order.
i did some searching and there’s a couple that caught my fancy, but i decided on this one: Paleo Comfort Foods by Julie & Charles Mayfield

i chose this one based on overall good reviews on amazon & itunes, but also on the food style.
in order to incorporate paleo dishes into our diet at home, it’s important that they still feel like “normal food”, otherwise the husband will not partake.
i’ve just started flipping through it, but i hope to find something good for dinner that i can try out.

i actually read cookbooks like they’re novels.  i read them cover to cover and absorb ideas.  it’s very rare for me to sit with an actual recipe and follow it to a T.
but i have a feeling that with this one, i’ll actually have to follow some recipes.

the biggest roadblocks i foresee with going full paleo is dairy, corn & beans.  i love that stuff.  hummus is my lifeline.
sooo… we’ll see.  but, i remember feeling the same way about giving up wheat and now i have no interest in it at all, so i recognize that my attitude may change on this front.
anyways.  at the very least, i am totally open to incorporating paleo dishes into my wheat-free lifestyle… and of course, i’m stoked to learn about something new.

also, i’d love any other book suggestions that anyone has.  not just in regards to diet & lifestyle.


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  1. Babhe Berjudi
    Jan 20, 2012 @ 19:30:28

    This food are usually believed to boost this levels with your mental faculties and can simply make you really feel more happy. Serotonin is the neurotransmitter- a natural substance in …Paleo Diet Review


  2. Jen As Herself
    Jan 23, 2012 @ 14:33:57

    Wheat Belly was scary! And very scientific … there were definitely times I glazed over, but I loved his case studies. Paleo is pretty hard core. I’ve seen many dedicated followers totally hate on Wheat Belly and Dr. Davis.

    I say do whatever you want, whatever feels good to your body. When I started this whole thing I completely eliminated all grain and legumes … lots a ton of weight but felt like total shit after 3 weeks … lots of chest pains and extreme fatigue. I think it’s wicked to embrace the whole foods/pastured foods/no wheat thing but every body is different and I think some (like mine) need some complex carb.


      Jan 25, 2012 @ 12:49:14

      i totally agree that you have to do what works for you. i’ve been off wheat for coming up on 2 months now (i wish i made a note of my actual start date – but i know was i wheat free for Dec 1st for sure) and i’ve noticed significant improvements in my digestion. but, i’ve been that person plagued with digestive issues since i was a young girl, so there was definitely a lot to “be fixed”. it also makes me wonder if i had started this years ago, if i could have avoided having my gallbladder removed, which is a very frustrating/angering thought.
      i don’t foresee paleo as being something realistic for me to stick to long-term, but i’m interested to try it for a trial period.
      but as far as wheat free goes, i’m so on board. i totally have experienced the benefits, so i’ve been sold on it as a long-term solution for me.
      except if i go to italy. then its all bets off, lol.


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