food: beets & sausage

so, it’s been about a month now i guess on the whole wheat-free thing… and after a pretty dramatic difference at the start, i feel like i’ve eased into it being a “normal” way to eat.

biggest difference in my mind is still an absence of cravings for food. in fact, there’s kind of a general indifference to eating. it’s weird and unlike me, but i think it’s a good thing. i’m no longer STARVING when i come home from work and snacking while cooking because i can’t wait, it’s more like now i make the meal and eat it when its ready.

dinner is really the only meal that i share with someone else… breakfast & lunch on the average day are solo choices, so i’ve had to choose things that my husband is down with in or i need to make something different for myself, which is no fun.

the main thing i’ve been trying to avoid is substitution products… convenience foods. you know, all that high priced gluten free stuff you see in the stores. part of it is money (tht shit is pricey), part of it is trying to phase out convenience foods altogether and part of it is just the mentality… it’s like becoming a vegetarian and then just eating fake meat products for every meal. just kinda seems like it misses the point.

i have found some substitution foods that i’ve enjoyed.  my mom bought be glutino english muffins in hawaii and they were DELICIOUS. i was really surprised, but they were cornmeal covered and had a really nice texture. i preferred them to a regular english muffin. but at $1.25 – $1.50 each, they’re a luxury item, not an every day eat.

overall, i haven’t really “cheated” and knowingly ate wheat… well, until the other night. i bought ice cream with cookies in it, totally not thinking… and then it was home and in my house and too delicious to resist.  i mean… come on.


but besides the “ice cream incident”, i’ve actively avoided the wheat.  this means i’ve even gone out for sushi 4 times and eaten it without soy sauce. i’ve been dedicated.

i’m positive that some restaurant food has snuck it in and i haven’t noticed, but for the most part, i’ve been free and clear and loving it.

which brings me back to the point of dinner… since i’m chalk full of motivation and love for farm life, i’ve been all over this local produce thats in season… in particular; beets.

my favourite is the golden beet. not because it tastes better, but because it doesn’t make my hands pink when i prepare it, lol.  but beets are a bit of a labor of love in that way.
my husband has also had the beet bug lately, so on the weekend we stopped at Lepp Farm (Abbotsford’s answer to Hopcott) and picked up some local beets and amazing pork & leek sausages that they make (gluten free) in house.

i peeled & cubed 5 beets, a parsnip & 4 carrots and tossed them in olive oil, salt & pepper and roasted them in the oven on 400 for about 40 minutes (turning, of course)
meanwhile, i cooked off the sausage in a fry pan and sliced it up into rounds.
we mixed everything together and threw in some raw spinach from a leftover salad and badabing; it’s dinner.



super simple and only slightly different than our usual sausage bake, but way different flavours having it beet-focused instead of laden with onions, leeks & potatoes.  really yum.
and now all i want to eat is beets, lol.  which i guess is kinda weird…

tonight’s dinner will be my greek shepard pie.  we have our local squash and extra lean ground beef from the farm ready and waiting.


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