food: hawaii eats

one of my favourite things to do when on vacation is to track down some roadside eats.  the popularity of food trucks right now warms the cockles of my heart and has absolutely made the industry explode, which i do believe is a good thing for you & me.

hawaii has had a long standing tradition of shrimp trucks.  last year we tracked down a bunch of them on oahu, but in maui they seemed to be scarce.  now, i do think this is largely in part due to the location of where were staying (the mega rich section of the island) and assume there are probably more options in the smaller surf towns… but we did manage to find a pocket of them by makena beach.

we ate at this one pictured below twice.  it was just that good.

here’s the “scampi” shrimp.  it was in a white wine & butter sauce with capers and diced tomatoes.  and garlic.  loads of garlic.  it was my favourite, hands down.

my mother, however, was partial to the cajun shrimp.  it was in a creole butter sauce and had a good hit of spice.  very tasty as well, but what can i say?  i like the classic “swimming in butter & garlic” kinda thing.

we also found a great dive restaurant in lahina that served us some yummy local treats.
my brother had an ahi poke and a coconut filled with rum.  he was pleased with his selections…

my husband went with the fish tacos.  fresh mahi mahi grilled up and served very simply on some warm flour tortillas.

i am completely unable to resist kahlua pork.  and being wheat-free now, the prevalence of rice in hawaii was a godsend for me.  my pork was served with a bbq sauce (sickly sweet – unneeded.  the pork was delicious on its own) and and the side salad came with the local dressing – papaya seed.  so yummy.

inspired by the locals, we picked up a massive ahi tuna loin and cooked it up on the bbq.
my husband & i put together a marinade of wheat-free soy sauce, lime juice, chillies & sugar.  i must say… i cooked it pretty perfectly.  and it was SO GOOD!

i wish i had taken a picture of the whole loin… it was easily 2lbs and cost us a mere $30.  bargain!  also, it was caught locally, so it was fresher than fresh.  win win!


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Jen As Herself
    Jan 02, 2012 @ 12:30:48

    Ahhh, this post is pure food porn torture.


  2. Moonbeam Bouvier
    Jan 02, 2012 @ 14:07:24

    You are not going back without me. Period. Kahlua pork….*drool* What’s your shrimp side? The white mass in the top left section of your tray that almost looks like a pasta or potato salad?


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