food: turkey meatballs

on sunday night i had my best friend over for a day of fun times.  we did a 9:30am aquafit class (it’s kinda weird to not be hungover on a sunday, lol) and then went for a hike, which got downsized to more of a walk due to the cold… we watched hockey, drank wine and i made her favourite meal that i cook.  turkey meatballs.

to be honest (and not humble, i’m serious) i don’t really get the allure.  they taste great, but they’re dead simple, and i don’t feel as though i really have a “secret” or “trick” that makes mine better than anyone else’s could be… but she loves them (and LOVES may be an understatement) so i’m happy to oblige.

the plan was to tweak the recipe to make it wheat free.  meaning that i would omit the panko and just use parmesan cheese instead.  but they were too wet and needed the panko to form, so i gave in and accepted that there would have  a trace of wheat.  i probably used 1/3 cup in the whole recipe which made 22 meatballs, so i figured the contamination would be small.

i can honestly say that my body noticed the wheat.  which is pretty scary.  right away, it gave me that gross bloated feeling that i’ve really been enjoying the absence of.  so, what i’m saying is that i’m fully on board with this no wheat thing.  the most surprising thing to me is that i genuinely don’t want it.  this doesn’t feel like a sacrifice or like i’m depriving myself, it just feels healthier.  i was expecting to feel sad and miserable about all the stuff i can’t eat… when really, i’m just excited about what i do eat.  (welcome back to my life, potato chips!)

anyways… back to the meatballs.
what can i say?  it’s a standard meatball recipe.  ground lean turkey, parm cheese, panko, eggs, spices, hot sauce, worcestershire sauce, mix and bake at 375 for 30 minutes, flipping after 20 minutes.

they go in like this…


and then they make friends with a pot of sauce…
this one has onions, garlic, celery, carrots, zucchini & red peppers…


and voila!  turkey meatballs.


i ate mine without pasta, just balls & sauce… and it was just as tasty.  i did buy a rice pasta, but then i figured, fuck it.  i really wasn’t craving pasta or in the mood for it (if you know me, this is the craziest statement i’ve ever said.  i used to ALWAYS want pasta)

this is the strangest thing to wrap my head around about wheat free… the complete absence of craving for wheat, when i used to crave it all the time.  it’s like i’ve broken the addiction and now i’m free.  definitely something i did not anticipate.  also losing 5lbs in the first 4 days?  also something i did not see coming, but i’ll take it.  and jen was right, that wheat belly thing is REAL.

what i’m really struggling with now, is how much shit has wheat in it.  like soy sauce?  really?  i mean, it’s an easy fix, i buy braggs, but my poor husband doesn’t know these tricks yet and bought us teriyaki steaks for dinner tonight.  and i had to point out that the sauce likely has wheat in it, which kinda blew his mind.  he’s starting to believe me when i say this shit is in everything.  the processed food industry are sneaky bastards, look out.