wine: winter is coming

yes friends… in the words of house stark… winter is coming.
and in my super nerdy friendship circle, it is known.
(you either got that, or you didn’t. just sayin’)

anyways, with winter, comes the shift from white wine to red wine.
it’s true.  there’s just something weird and unsatisfying about drinking white wine on a cold day.
but red wine?  well, that tickles you in all the right places on a cold night.

unfortunately (fortunately?) my husband has developed a taste lately for fine red wine.  now, it’s nothing ridiculous… but let’s just say that he won’t let anything worth less than about $16.99 touch his lips these days.
not to say that we’re going crazy with $50 bottles every night… but it’s safe to generalize that the average bottle price in my house lately has been hovering around the $20-$30 mark.
…and the odd $40 bottle might have snuck in.

we’ve also fallen prey a few times lately on “label buying”
it’s tough with wine… there’s just SO MANY OPTIONS.  and if you can narrow down your choices by $ amount… and then further vet by name & label, well i say, what the hell?

there’s a BC wine that i spent $40 on last week purely on label.  granted, it was in the “best of bc” fall release, so i figure thats a guarantee of at least being decent…
the winery is called “Moon Curser” (awesome) and it used to go by the name of twisted tree… which i enjoyed.  so i figured this one was worth a go.
…but at $40, i feel as though there should be some sort of minor occasion to crack it open.

however, the SKULLS wine that i’m currently digging is *very* drinkable right now at $19.99 each.  (pictured below)


this is definitely one that was sold based on awesome label & good name.

and in an awesome display of “great minds…” this showed up at our house TWICE in the last week from other people that also thought the label & name were rad.

anyways, it’s a hearty red.  a shiraz that’s got some serious body.  it’s almost chewy.  i dig it.
and to be honest, the australian reds used to be a prime pick of mine in years past, but over the past 4 years or so, they were a last resort… but this one is a delight.

so, see… sometimes buying with your eyes works.


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  1. Moonbeam Bouvier
    Nov 17, 2011 @ 15:53:20

    I love, love, love both wines mentioned. That Skulls wine was a fine find indeed. Side note: the beaujolais nouveaux come out today; a BnB tradition. 🙂


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