vegas in food & drink part 2



first stop on this food tour…
BB Kings in the mirage.  we went here because we had a coupon but also, we love our southern fare.

here’s my husband eating catfish bites.  they were amazing.  and it was his first time eatting catfish, so he was impressed.  it was flaky and buttery and the coating was very light, i believe cornmeal based.

we also had a mac & cheese.  damn fine.  would definitely go back AND they have live music every night.  which goes far for me.


these next series are from our “splurge” dinner at ONDA in the mirage.
my husband picked this place based solely on the menu.  and it was a fine choice.
the meal itself wasn’t ridiculously pricey, but we had a bottle of champagne and a bottle of wine, so about $150 in booze on the bill.  i think it was about $320 once we were done.

first up is our appies.  i had the aged prosciutto & parmigiano.   it was outstanding.  my only complaint is that my salad was over-dressed.  it was literally drowning in dressing which was very unnecessary.  everything else was perfection.

husband went with the classic caprese salad with house made mozzarella & heirloom tomatoes.

for mains, i was powerless to resist this pasta.  it was basically just fresh egg noodles, butter & olive oil, garlic and truffles.  shit loads of truffles.  and cheese.  for me, utter perfection.  this is exactly how i like my pasta, and it was my first time having fresh truffles.  decadent and wonderful.

husband went with the server’s suggestion of lasagna.  it was also excellent.  there’s nothing like a REALLY GOOD lasagna to make you realize how much mediocre lasagna you’ve had.

bottle of Chianti.  also on the server’s suggestion.

dessert.  tiramisu semifreddo.  really good but WAY too rich for me after my meal.  so i had a cappuccino and left it to my husband.


next up i’ve got a few pics from the wicked spoon at cosmopolitan.
wow, what a place.  this may be fighting the wynn for my new favourite buffet.
it was really excellent and well priced for the quality.  and i love buffets because i’m indecisive, but hate feeling like i’m eating out of a trough.  this solves that problem.  individual portions for everything.  wonderful.

below is the short rib eggs benny.

and a berry macaron.


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  1. morningaftershow
    Oct 24, 2011 @ 15:23:19

    short rib eggs benny? shut the front door!


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