vegas – a trip in food & drink pictures

it’s a real shame i didn’t carry my camera around for the first day.  because i missed out on some choice pictures.  these first two are from BLT Burger in the mirage.  now, this is a place i’ve eaten once before, so i knew it was magic, but i was not prepared for this burger pictured right below.


that was the “gameday” burger (football, i think) and was a delicious BLT Burger patty on a pretzel bun, topped with a bratwurst, bacon & cheddar cheese.  if that doesn’t sounds delicious to you, then you’re dead to me.


this next magical burger is my buffalo chicken burger.  nothing insane, but it was what i was craving and it did me right.







now, on to some beverages…
this little delight was the suggestion of the server at the magical place we know as RHUMBAR.  it’s the sensual berri.  and i drank 3 just to be sure i loved it.





our bar neighbours were super friendly and fun.  but you would be too after a 42oz scorpion bowl.



…and a mention for my husband’s 2 faves at RHUMBAR – the mai tai and the old cuban.





last but not least, i had a sparkling cosmo.  and it was yummy.

…to be continued.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Danielle
    Nov 03, 2011 @ 11:10:38

    I was honestly kinda disapointed in the burgers at BLT Burger when we went. The only one that was super delicious was Elise’s falafal burger. The boozy milkshakes, however, may have been the yummiest thing I’ve ever drank (drunk?)


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