pumpkin beer tasting

hey.  do you know what’s *awesome*?


when done correctly.
a disappointing pumpkin beer can be a downright disgusting experience.
so, in order to save you from the aches & pains of sub-par beers, moonbeam and i took one for the team and tried all the pumpkin beers that we could get our hands on.  (and by *we*, i mean her. because i’m more of an ideas drinking girl)

so, here was our final collection on friday night…


beautiful, isn’t it?

now, it came to our attention later that those whores at phillips also make a pumpkin beer, but we could not find it.  and since pretty much everything phillips brews is like unicorn cum in your mouth (that’s good, i think), i can only imagine it’s a pretty magical experience.

sorry.  back to business.

we decided to start with the st ambroise – the great pumpkin ale.  it was… pretty freaking great.  nice amount of spice to it and a decently strong pumpkin flavour.  this beer doesn’t fare so well on beer advocate, but we quite liked it.  and just to be sure, we drank 2 bottles.  i enjoyed that it was a little more cinnamon & ginger and a little less clove.  the clove thing is so hit or miss with pumpkin beers.  too much and it’s just gross, but you have to have it in there.

next up was the granville island – pumpkin beer.  no clever witty names, just a straight up beer.  now, i am a huge fan of GI, but this one was a bit of a disappointment.  the pumpkin flavours were weak at best to me, in fact, if you gave me this beer blindfolded and asked me to describe it, i definitely would not use the word pumpkin.  but it was a tasty little beer and i enjoyed it overall… but not pumpkiny.  i got earthy, a little spice… and… GI beer.  not so much on the pumpkin.

number 3 was fernie brewery – pumpkin head brown ale.   tasty, definitely… and i love a brown ale, so i was excited about this.  it was a delight, but again, not heavy on the pumpkin taste.  it did have a nice mouth feel and went down really quickly. i would buy it again.

last but not least was the howe sound – pumpkineater.  the thing i like most about this beer?  the size.  and the swing top bottle.  because sometimes you don’t drink it all at once.  or so i’ve heard… weird, i know.  anyways, this beer was also on the darker side, which again, works for me.  it’s also billed as a “strong beer” so it’s around the 8% alcohol mark.  we found this one to have a nice spice & pumpkin flavour and for a strong beer, it was nice and smooth.

at this point the “notes” kind of start to slide… it’s hard to remember what the first beer tasted like… but we’re pretty sure we liked it best.  so we had to drink the last 2 bottles of it to be sure.
and we were.  the st ambroise won for us.


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  1. morningaftershow
    Oct 11, 2011 @ 17:37:08

    ha, nice I took a similar picture with my pumpkin beers too! mmmm

    The Howe Sound did not do it for me, but I also had Swans, Phillips and also a Phillips Blueberry… and they were so good!


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