butchery class

lots of people have asked about the butchery class that we did a few month ago.
basically there were 2 responses from friends & twitter lovers.   either:  a) why? that sounds gross.  or b) cool!  how did you do that?

well, to be honest, it was a bit of a whim.
it was nothing i’d ever considered, but when the opportunity presented itself, it really seemed to easily fall in line with my dedication to really KNOWING what i was eating and focusing on local, whole ingredients.
plus, i’m a total whore for knowledge.  my brain craves being filled with as much random knowledge as possible.  its how i become such a know-it-all.

so a few months ago a groupon appeared for butchery classes at Big Lou’s Butcher Shop.
i had been looking for something fun to do with my husband ~ you know, like a hobby or some junk, and my pal moonbeam (of metal & muffins fame) is always down for some pig handling, so it really just all seemed to make sense.

so we each paid $100 in exchange for a class that lasted a few hours and a take home of 20lbs of pork each.  give or take.
a pretty solid deal IMO, since 20lbs of organic local pork would probably have been in that price range anyways.

the class itself was quite informative.  good class size – 6 of us and the instructor moved things along at a  good pace so it kept it interesting.

we started with this:


basically it’s half a pig.  or a pig cut in half.  depending on if you’re a glass half full person or not 😉

after being shown all the parts (ie – this is where the bacon comes from… this is a ham…) then our instructor started breaking it down.



and then it was our turn…

my husband was pretty eager to get in there and make the magic happen.  me & moonbeam took a backseat for a bit, but don’t fear, we made our mark.

here’s my husband removing the pork tenderloin.  the delicious delicious tenderloin.


and then he got to do the real fun stuff… because all men like taking a saw to a carcass.  essentially he’s separating the ham from the midsection where the ribs will come from.


now, here’s a few shots of me cleaning up a piece of the piggie… for the life of me, i can’t remember what i’m doing from these pictures, so… you know, just make up something good.
(but my hair looks fabulous)



there you have it.  our butchery class highlight reel.

it was pretty awesome and i would definitely do it again and recommend it.
i really enjoyed the understanding that i gained about the process that generally happens behind closed doors.  and i genuinely felt like i acquired some life skills that not everyone has.

our instructor mentioned that they will be doing game classes, and indeed, i see them on the web site now.

as much as i would be totally into learning how to do a whole deer, the $250 price point is a bit high for me.  $500 for both me & my husband to go?  eeesch, that’s half a trip to vegas.
so i’m going to keep my eye out for a future groupon or deal and maybe something awesome will happen. for me, the $100 class was just right and i felt happy paying it.  even $125 i might have done.

anyways, this experience also left me with an amazing amount of pork.  40lbs between my husband & i.  the big prize was a 16lb bone in shoulder.  it’s going to make magical pulled pork.  i just need to find some pig eaters to help me with the sexy results.  *currently accepting applications*


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Moonbeam Bouvier
    Sep 30, 2011 @ 08:06:14

    That was one of the best days EVER. And then remember BBQing at mine post-butchery? And drinking dark and stormys? And eating pork we butchered that day with corn and delicious chipotle lime butter? And your husband’s hilarity with his halfsies rant much later in the evening? And it was the last time that I’ve been REALLY happy in a long time? Yeah, that day was freaking awesome. *sigh*


  2. Jillian V. (@vjill79)
    Sep 30, 2011 @ 16:31:23

    What a great activity for you guys!

    And I would totally be up for some of your delicious pulled pork. The pulled pork and mini cornbread things were my fave from Rachel’s catering job. Pork Fest 2011! I make wicked good backed beans! 😉


  3. Jillian V. (@vjill79)
    Sep 30, 2011 @ 16:31:59

    *baked beans. 🙂


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